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Binary Options - Solution for customers looking into the future

Softbinary offers the Binary Options platform, SpotOption, to Forex and financial websites owners. Binary Options appear to be the fastest growing, and most profitable financial product to emerge over the last 10 years.


What are Binary Options?

Binary Options ask a simple question: what will happen to the price of oil in the next 2 hours? Will it be higher or lower than the current price?

If the investor`s forecast comes true, he can make up to 85% profit. That means that, by investing $100 he could receive $85 profit. If the investors forecast proves incorrect, then the he loses the full amount of the investment.

Unlike traditional investments, return is guaranteed at the moment of the transaction and does not depend on quantitative changes in the price of the asset, even if the price is higher or lower than the customer`s rate on one pip, he receives the full amount.

Types of Binary Options

Types of AssetsBinary options allow you to forecast more than 250 types of assets - currency pairs, stock indexes, stocks of the largest companies (Facebook, Twitter, Gazprom), commodities (gold, oil, coffee).

Why are Binary Options Beneficial
to Forex Websites Operators?

High return Statistics show that the average income of a new operator is 20,000 EUR per month.

Perfect conversion More than 20% of active forex customers have started to use binary options.

Low costs The platform does not require huge investments in infrastructure. The platform contains all of the necessary modules and is absolutely autonomous. You don`t need to create a risk management department, reorganize your back office, or invest in infrastructure

Softbinary — The leader in the fastest growing online industry

Why Softbinary?

70% of the trades in the Binary Options market are carried out through the SpotOption platform. After integration, the system is completely ready for use and can be customized in the design of your website. The platform is browser based and does not require software installation.

Complete integration into your website

Design customization via CSS
gives you the ability to change the design on your side.

Easy and fast integration

Rapid integration through API. The technology allows you to set up the platform in just 24 hours.

Turnkey websites

Design development. Back office setup. Connection of payment systems (Visa, Master Card, Qiwi, Webmoney and Skrill)

High-end functionality

Our specialists will complete all requirements.

Contact us to discuss the technical requirements and financial conditions

Make Money With our Affiliate Program

Are you new to the affiliate marketing? Or have you had a bad affiliate program experience? We have a solution to earn money instead of blaming the programs, the site, your visitors or the whole world. Making money with affiliate programs depends on one thing and one thing only: finding a program that actually converts. If you are left to do all the work, to prepare banners, to create strategy, to promote the brand, and to build the landing page, you will probably have a lot of work and very little income.

Find a Real Partner

Our affiliate program works for you. We have what you want – a passive income, no headaches, and the sensation someone is taking care of business.

What to start with? Choose a niche. If you want to make money, go to a field that deals with money, that has money, and that is more than willing to spend money.

What’s next? Make sure your partner is well branded and has a well known label. This makes it much easier. Directing your traffic to KFC is not like directing them to your local burger joint. If you want easy conversions, you need to send your audience to a place which sounds familiar and look powerful.

And finally, check out the infrastructure. Are you offered huge commissions and no help? This sometimes is not a good sign. Don’t give up on great commissions, but make sure they come with massive infrastructure, real help, professional assistance and an eagerness to make conversions happen plenty and fast.

Premium Program

Softbinary Affiliates is one of the leaders on the binary options market. We are more than a brand in the binary options field – expertise and innovative solutions – this is us. Visit our site and you will be impressed by the trading platforms, the bonuses, and tools.

Not enough for you? As far as Softbinary affiliate program go, the commissions offered by Softbinary are parallel to none. How about earning up to €200 for every conversion? Yes, you heard us right! This is the place where you can make the income you were dreaming of come true.

Still want more? We have it here for you. SoftBinary Affiliates’ account managers work on all aspects of your campaign and adapt each strategy to fit your audience. An extensive creative library is available to affiliates to choose an array of marketing tools and images. Everything you need to turn your traffic into revenue, SoftBinary Affiliates has thought of. All you need to do now is join.

The Forefront of Affiliate Marketing

The last but not the least: being in the forefront. Financial markets have changed immensely with the development of the internet, social networking and the fast life. The explosion of Binary Options is a result of how perfectly it adapts to what online traders look for: It’s simple, clear, fast, and profitable.

Once upon a time the forex field dominated the online trading market and if you wanted to become a successful affiliate, you would partner with a forex site. Not anymore. Forex binary options are much more accessible, and such an appealing tool, that the conversion rate is off the charts.

SoftBinary Affiliates partner program it the full package: strong brand name, high commissions, excellent support, perfect niche. Join our team, make the leap, and start earning now. Stop counting visits, start counting money.

Contact our affiliate managers right away!

softbinary.com      +371 22 111 700      info@softbinary.com

What Do Binary Options Look Like?

Contact us to discuss the technical requirements and financial conditions

Company profile

Softbinary is a member of the eGamings Group, a global leader in providing solutions for modern payment systems, investment platforms and online games. We offer the best terms of Binary Options on the market to operators of all sizes and new operators.

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